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Tealight Urn – Gold Blessing Bird

The “Tealight Gold Blessing Birds” is an exquisite and tender way to honor the memory of a cherished pet. Elegantly crafted, this tealight urn is a subtle yet beautiful reminder of the love and joy that your pet brought into your life. Each piece features hand-engraved golden birds on a baked enamel surface, creating a serene and reflective space for remembrance. The intricate hand engraving cuts through the enamel to reveal a lustrous gold, contrasting splendidly with the soft roseate background.

This unique tealight holder not only serves as a decorative piece but also as a sanctum for your pet’s ashes. It’s designed to bring comfort to grieving pet owners by lighting a candle in memory of their beloved companion, symbolically keeping the warmth of their bond alive. The “Gold Blessing Birds” urn promises to bring love and joy into your home, serving as a perpetual testament to the undying bond between you and your pet. Whether placed on a mantle or a bedside table, it is a subtle and elegant tribute to the pet that has left paw prints on your heart.

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