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Our Story
Paws To Heaven Pet Cremation Services : Compassionate Farewells in Singapore
At Paws To Heaven Pet Cremation Services, we understands that pets are cherished members of your family, and saying goodbye is never easy.
Located at 81 Sungei Tengah Road, we specialize in providing compassionate and dignified pet funeral and cremation services for your beloved companions.
Our Philosophy
We believe in celebrating the bond between pets and their owners, even in the final moments. Our dedicated team approaches every aspect of the pet funeral service with empathy, professionalism and 100% assurance tagging system for pet owners, ensuring that your pet’s farewell is as peaceful as it is respectful.

“Peace of mind for bereaved pet owners”

Services Tailored for your Pet
Paws To Heaven Pet Cremation Services offers a range of services to accommodate different needs and preferences. From private cremation services that ensure your pet’s remains are handled with care to companion cremations, we respect your wishes during this difficult time.
Memorializing Your Companion
Our Service extend beyond cremation. Pet owners are able to open their hearts for healing and engage in different ways to Memorial their pets with our keepsake products. We offer a variety of memorial products such as urns, keepsake jewellery, and customized memorial plaques to celebrate your pet’s life. We believe in creating lasting tributes that you can cherish forever.
All pet memorial products can be purchase directly from our pet crematorium showroom.
A Supportive Journey
We are committed to supporting you through your grief. Our team provides grief counseling and can help guide you through the process of arranging a meaningful service. We’re here to ensure that the memory of pet is honored in the best possible way.
A Final Rest
Located in a tranquil & serene settings, we ensure that your pet’s final journey is peaceful. Our services are a testament to the love and care that pet owners have for their pets, and we stand as a pillar of support for the community in times of loss.
Contact and Care
Paws To Heaven Pet Cremation Services is here for you 24/7. With jus a call, we can arrange for the collection and care of your pet, providing a seamless service that addresses all your concerns during this challenging time.
“Paws To Heaven” is presented here as a caring and professional service provider, emphasizing their role in helping pet owners through the process of saying goodbye to their animal companions.

It is with great pride, respect and dignity that the staff at PTH continue to perform their daily duties – bringing comfort to many pet owners at a time of great sadness. Celebrate your pet’s journey in this lifetime with a beautiful & meaningful purpose cause they Deserved.

Trusted with over 300+ 5 stars reviews

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