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Biometric Inkless Pawprints

At Paws To Heaven Pet Cremation, we use the biometric inkless paw print system that is an innovative method that allows pet owners to create a clean, detailed print of their pet’s paw without the mess of traditional ink or clay. Utilizing the latest technology from the USA, this system ensures that the pet’s paws remain unstained while capturing an accurate print during the sending off.

Once the paw print is digitized, it can be used to create personalized keepsakes, such as our customized marble urn or a memorial pawprint plaque. For example, a personalized urn could feature the paw print, the pet’s name, and the years of their life, serving as a beautiful and touching tribute to a lost companion. Similarly, our memorial plaque could display the paw print in gold or black, with the pet’s name engraved, offering a unique and lasting memorial that can be displayed at home.

These keepsakes not only provide pet owners with a physical reminder of their pet but also encapsulate the love and memories shared. By using our exclusive Biometric Inkless pawprint you can digitized your beloved pet’s paw print, ensuring that the design can be replicated or used in various forms, allowing for a range of personalized memorial products.

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