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Rainbow Cremation Package for dogs & cats

Rainbow Package by Paws to Heaven, which is a comprehensive cremation service package designed to honor the memory of beloved pets.

A Tribute to Your Cherished Companion.

Losing a pet is losing a member of the family. The Rainbow Package by Paws to Heaven offers a dignified and loving farewell to your cherished companion, ensuring their journey over the rainbow bridge is as comforting and respectful as their life with you.

**Collection with Care**

The service begins with the thoughtful collection of your pet. We use an eco-friendly pet resting bag and ensure they are transported on a comfortable pet bed, signifying the start of their dignified final journey.

**Cleansing and Preparation**

Should it be necessary, we provide a basic cleaning service to ensure your pet is tended to with the utmost respect and care.

**Personalized Set Up**

The package includes a comprehensive decoration set-up for the memorial service, featuring three edited photos of your beloved pet, displayed alongside fresh flowers and candles to create a serene and loving atmosphere.

**Love Urns**

Choose from three exclusive designs of Classic LoveUrns®, handcrafted with love in the USA, providing a beautiful and secure resting place for your pet’s ashes.

**Biometric Inkless Pawprint**

As a keepsake, we offer a complimentary biometric inkless pawprint, capturing the unique identity of your pet in a way that can be cherished forever.

**Private Cremation**

We provide a private cremation package, ensuring that the process is carried out with integrity and privacy, giving you peace of mind that your pet is handled with the utmost respect.

**Photo Frame**

Included is a complimentary photo frame with one of the edited photos for you to display in your home, keeping the memory of your pet alive and close.

**Personalized Cremation Certificate**

Receive a personalized cremation certificate with your pet’s photo, serving as a formal remembrance of your pet’s life and the love they shared with you.

Paws to Heaven’s Rainbow Package is more than just a service; it’s a heartfelt celebration of the bond between you and your pet, offering solace in a time of loss and ensuring their memory is preserved with the honor they deserve.

Helping pet owners through their grieving process with a dignified and loving memorial.

Rainbow Pet funeral package for Dogs & cats start from $938nett and onwards (depends on weight of pet)

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